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Summer Recital 2017

*More information about 2017 Christmas Recital and 2018 Summer Recital will be posted here in the future.*

Venue: Independence High School
  8001 Old River Road, Bakersfield, CA 93311 

Dress Rehearsal: June 23rd at Independence High School

     Matinee Show Dress Rehearsal: 10-2pm
     Evening Show Dress Rehearsal: 2-5pm

Recital: June 24th at Independence High School

     Matinee Show: 1pm
​     Evening Show: 5:30pm

Theme: ​Dancing Around the World

Opening Ballet: "Carmen"

Recital Line Up: --->"Click Here"<---

Recital Picture Line Up: Recital Picture Day is June 21st and 22nd, don't forget to look your best!!
See the Recital Picture Day schedule HERE!!!

    **Students are free to leave as soon as their class finishes their rehearsal. No specific time break downs will be given for dress rehearsal---Dress rehearsal is mandatory unless arrangements have been made for non-participation. Any student who does not have an excused dress rehearsal absence will not be allowed to participate in the Recital. No refunds.