Dancer's Turnout Academy

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​​​Regular Fall Classes Start: Tuesday, September 6th!!


4:00pm    Room 1:     Jazz I-II KD CLOSED

4:00pm    Room 2:     Ballet II 6-10yrs SW

4:00pm    Room 3:     Tutu Tots CM CLOSED

5:00pm    Room 1:     Ballet III-IV Comp SW

5:00pm    Room 2:     Tiny Funk 3-6yrs KD CLOSED

5:00pm    Room 3:     Tiny Taps I 3-6yrs (45 min) CM

6:00pm    Room 1:     Flex/Stretch/Condition KD

6:00pm    Room 2:     Jazz/Funk 8-13yrs SW CLOSED

6:00pm    Room 3:     T/B 4-6yrs TG​ CLOSED

7:00pm    Room 1:     Technique III-IV (45 min) SW

7:00pm    Room 2::     All Star + Pre Pro Teen Comp (7:45-8:45)

7:00pm    Room 3:     Ballet/Lyrical 7-11yrs TG  CLOSED 



4:00pm    Room 1:      Ballet I-II SD

4:00pm    Room 2:      Jazz III SW

4:00pm    Room 3:      Tap III KD

5:00pm    Room 1:      Ballet III SD

5:00pm    Room 2:      Turns I-II SW

5:00pm    Room 3:      Tutu Tots CM CLOSED

6:00pm    Room 1:      Turns III-IV KD SW

6:00pm    Room 2:      Ballet II SD

6:00pm    Room 3:      T/B 3-5yrs CM CLOSED

7:00pm    Room 1:      Adult Ballet SD

7:00pm    Room 2:      Junior All Star Comp

7:00pm    Room 3:      Jazz I-II 7-10yrs CM



4:00pm     Room 1:       Ballet I-II Comp SD

4:00pm     Room 2:       Technique III-IV Comp SW

4:00pm     Room 3:       Tap II 6yrs & up KD

5:00pm     Room 1:       Tech I-II Comp KD

5:00pm     Room 2:       Ballet/Pointe III-IV Comp SD

5:00pm     Room 3:       Mini Funk 5-8yrs SW CLOSED

6:00pm     Room 1:       Rising Stars Half Year Comp

6:00pm     Room 2:       Ballroom 8yrs & up SD

6:00pm     Room 3:       Petite Junior All Stars Team

7:00pm     Room 1:       Petite All Stars Team

7:00pm     Room 2:       Adult Zumba SD



4:00pm     Room 1:      Acro I TS/BSt

4:00pm     Room 2:      Jazz II SW

4:30pm     Room 3:      Hip Hop III-IV BS

5:00pm     Room 1:      Acro II TS/SW

5:00pm     Room 2:      Hip Hop II BS

5:00pm     Room 3:      T/J/B 3-5yrs TG

6:00pm     Room 2:      Musical Theatre SW

6:00pm     Room 3:      Tutu Tots TG CLOSED

​6:00pm      Room 1:       Acro III/IV TSt


4:00pm     Room 3:      Ballet 3-5yrs SC

5:00pm     Room 3:      Ballet/Lyrical 5-8yrs SC CLOSED



10:00am     Room 3:       Ballet I 4-7yrs SC

11:00am     Room 2:       Ballet II 7-12yrs SC

* Denotes NO Recital Dance

2016-2017 Fall Class Schedule 

Established, Professional, Cutting Edge


Kyli Delis: KD

Taryn Garnett: TG

Shelby Walls: SW

Suze DeArmond: SD

Tara Steele: TSt

Claire Melanson: CM

Noah Salinas: NS

Stefanie Cotton: SC

Brea Steele: BSt

Olimpia Frederick: OF

Amanda Kirby: AK (once a month)



Early Bird Registration 2016:

August 1st - 4th from 2:30 - 7:00pm

10% Discount


Regular Registration:

August 15th - 18th from 2:30-7:00pm

Dance Attire


Pink ballet shoes with laces tucked in, Pink or Nude tights, leotards, tutus, ballet skirts, and hair up in a bun.

All 1 hour Ballet Classes: NEW for 2016

Pink or tan Tights, Black Leotard, Pink Ballet Slippers (laces tucked in) and hair tied up in a secure bun.



Black or tan jazz shoes, form fitting clothing such as leotards, tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, leggings or jazz pants, and hair pulled up out of the face. (NO jeans!)



Black tap shoes, form fitting clothing such as leotards, tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, leggings or jazz pants, and hair pulled up out of the face. (No Jeans)


Hip Hop/Mini Funk    

Sneakers or street shoes, comfortable clothing, and hair pulled up out of the face. (No Sandals)


Jumps/Stretch & Turns

Same attire as jazz class.