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Dancer's Turnout Academy 

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Kyli Delis: KD

Tara Steele: TS

Taryn Garnett: TG

Jenny Hashim: JH

Brea Steele: BS

Shawn Henry: SH

Krissy Armstrong: KA

Julian Turner: JT

Suze DeArmond: SD

Myka Steele: MS

Mikayla Book: MB

Kaci Crowell: KC

Early Bird Fall Registration 2019: 10% discount towards registration August 5th-8th from 3:30pm-7pm


Regular Fall Registration: August 19th- 22nd from 3:30pm-7pm

Class Descriptions

Tutu Tots: Ages 2-3yrs. Dancers will explore their creative side through dance movement and music.  Each dancer will get familiarized with how to participate in a class setting. Basics will be introduced in this class section in tap & ballet. There is no parent participation in Tutus class.

 4-5.5yr. Combo: Hour long class split between 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of tap.  Tots will be introduced to the basics of tap and ballet within the hour. Please bring a dance bag with their change of shoes ready & water.

 4-5.5yr. Combo: Hour long class split between 30 minutes of ballet or jazz and 30 minutes of tap.  4-5.5yr will be introduced to the basics of tap and ballet / jazz within the hour. Please bring a dance bag with their change of shoes ready & water.

 Acro: Focuses on gymnastics-based acro movements suitable for dance and dance choreography.

Ballet: Ballet is the foundational principles of body movement and form used in dance & is the foundation of most dance forms. Dancers will also be exposed to ballet education which includes technique, vocabulary, & proper etiquette for both classroom and stage.

Pointe: Pointe class is the part of classical ballet technique that concerns pointe work, in which a ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet. Pointe work is performed while wearing pointe shoes. A dancer should never work in pointe shoes until their teacher has told them they are ready to do so, pre-pointe class is taken in ballet slippers until the dancer has developed the strength and muscles necessary to go en pointe.

Pre-Pointe: Pre-point classes are offered to ballet students who are not yet on pointe to further develop and strengthen the muscles necessary to go en pointe. Pre-pointe classes stress correct alignment and correct classical ballet technique. Pre-pointe classes also allow teachers to assess readiness, offering an atmosphere for proper evaluation of important skills.

Contemporary: Contemporary, similar to lyrical and jazz, is very versatile and can be danced to almost any style of music and paired with other forms of dance to create new types of movement.

 Hip Hop: This class allows dancers to engage in formal as well as informal choreography & free-styling while teaching a foundation of hip hop movement and structure.

 Jazz: This class focuses on the basics of jazz which include center control, flexibility, spotting, turning and leaping while learning traditional terminology.

 Lyrical: Blending of ballet and jazz, lyrical is somewhere in the middle of the two with heavy reliance on emotional expression through dance.

 Tap: Tap is an up-beat class where dancers where special shoes with metal taps on the bottom and focus on learning the traditional tap steps and terminology.

Technique: Focuses on specific elements of dance like turns and leaps.

Stretch / Condition: This class is designed to help flexibility, strength & stamina that can help in all dancing.

Dance Attire


Pink ballet shoes with laces tucked in, Pink tights, black leotards, tutus, ballet skirts, and hair up in a bun.

All 1 hour Ballet Classes:

Pink Tights, Black Leotard, Pink Ballet Slippers (laces tucked in) and hair tied up in a secure bun.



Black or tan jazz shoes, form fitting clothing such as leotards, tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, leggings or jazz pants, and hair pulled up out of the face. (NO jeans!)



Black tap shoes, form fitting clothing such as leotards, tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, leggings or jazz pants, and hair pulled up out of the face. (No Jeans)


Hip Hop/Mini Funk    

Sneakers or street shoes, comfortable clothing, and hair pulled up out of the face. (No Sandals)


Jumps/Stretch & Turns

Same attire as jazz class.


Regular Fall Classes:  


3:00 pm   Room 2: Ballet 1 

4:00pm    Room 1: Mini Funk   CLOSED

4:00pm    Room 2: Tap 2

4:00pm    Room 3:  Tutus T/B  CLOSED

5:00pm    Room 1:  Jazz 2   

5:00pm    Room 2:  Hip Hop 1-2  CLOSED

5:00pm    Room 3:  Intro Tap    

6:00pm    Room 1: *Technique 3     

6:00pm    Room 2:  Intro Jazz   CLOSED

6:00pm    Room 3:  TJB   CLOSED

7:00pm    Room 1:  *Jazz 3   

7:00pm     Room 2: Tap 1     

7:00pm     Room 3: Lyrical 1-2   


10:00am   Room 3: Mommy & Me  

11:00am   Room 3:  TJB

4:00pm    Room 1: Turns & Jumps 1  

4:00pm    Room 2:  Tap 2-3  

4:00pm    Room 3: TJB   CLOSED

5:00pm    Room 1:  Turns & Jumps 3  

5:00pm    Room 2:  Tap 1-2 

5:00pm    Room 3:  Tutus T/B    CLOSED

6:00pm    Room 1:  *Ballet 2-3    

6:00pm    Room 2: Turns & Jumps 2   

6:00pm    Room 3: Ballet 1   CLOSED

7:00pm    Room 1:  Jazz Funk Hip Hop 3 

7:00pm    Room 2:  Ballet 2    



3:00 pm    Room 2: Intro Ballet

4:00pm     Room 1:  Jazz 1

4:00pm     Room 2:  *Ballet 3   

4:00pm     Room 3:  Hip Hop 2

5:00pm     Room 1:  Theatre 3    

5:00pm     Room 2:  All boys Hip Hop 

5:00pm     Room 3:  Intro Ballet    

6:00pm     Room 1:  Musical Theatre    CLOSED

6:00pm     Room 2:  *Prepointe/ Pointe   

6:00pm     Room 3: Tutus    CLOSED

7:00pm     Room 2:  * Tap 3   

​7:00pm     Room  3:  Jazz 1   



4:00pm     Room 1:  Acro 2  

4:00pm     Room 2:  Ballet 1-2

4:00pm     Room 3:  Boys Acro 

5:00pm     Room 1:   Acro 1 CLOSED

5:00pm     Room 2:  Jazz 2-3  

5:00pm     Room 3:  TJB   CLOSED

6:00pm     Room 1:  Acro 3   

6:00pm     Room 2:  Acro 1  CLOSED

6:00pm     Room 3:  Mini Funk  CLOSED

7:00pm     Room 1: Core  

7:00pm     Room 2:  Core  


3:30pm Room 3: TJB 

4:30pm Room 3: Intro Tap 


9:30am       Room 3: Intro Ballet   CLOSED

10:30am     Room 3:  Ballet 1

11:30am     Room 3: TJB

* Denotes Coaches approval for enrollment