Competition Schedule 2018:

"Home of the National Champions!"

 ​​Congrats to the New DTA Competition Team 2017-2018!!

You guys Rock!

Emily Almejo
Amanda Bagely
Aubree Boreham
Lilee Broome
Alicia Brunni
Caroline Clifton
Trinity Despain
Camila Diaz
Raeissa Escobedo
Cheyenne Foster
Iynea Garret
Brianna Garza
Kylie Gates
Methea Hansen
Deanna Hartman
Shelby Howell
Eden Marquez

Sophia Miranda
Brooklyn Moon
Lily Newman
Sofia Pasumbal
Addison Reighard
Kennedy Rutkes
Payton Rutkes
Angelina Salvidar

Sabrina Safforn
Chloe Slaton
Dakota Steele
Myka Steele
Briley Sullivan
Aubrey Thomas
Ashlynn Victory
Camrynn Victory
Amara Yang

2018 Team Auditions:

August 8th & 9th from 4-7pm!!!

Hope to see you there!!

$30.00 Audition Fee

Please wear ALL BLACK, bring all styles of dance shoes, and hair pulled back!

Some Things To Remember: 

Competition requires special teachers, special students and special parents.  It requires time, talent, dedication and regard for each other as team members.  Our combined positive attitude guarantees success. 

Winning is everything, when you define “winning” as doing your personal best.  Students should compete against themselves and not be critical of others.  This means concentrating on improving their own capabilities and growing as a dancer. 

As we practice, travel to competitions, meet new friends and grow together, let us remember to show respect for ourselves and for others by always being supportive of our fellow dancers, parents and teachers.  Team members that support one another stand out as leaders.

Competition Team

The purpose of the Competition Program at Dancers Turnout is to provide an enrichment program for those selected students who excel in dance and have demonstrated a sincere desire to commit themselves to furthering their level of achievement in dance. 


Students who exhibit the skill level, performance quality, attitude and dedication are selected for specialized professional training beyond the basic curriculum. 
Participation in a competition program is designed to be a positive and motivating experience that will provide new opportunities and help encourage students to develop their abilities to their fullest potential.


**Additional Guidelines and Requirements apply when joining DTA Teams.

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